Amazon’s CEO vs Priyanka Chopra on Citadel’s OTT Platform

Amazon’s CEO vs. Priyanka Chopra on Citadel’s OTT Platform: The ?2,000 Crores Showdown You Can’t Miss!

Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden’s ‘Citadel’ Making Headlines

From Bollywood to Hollywood, actress Priyanka Chopra, renowned for her acting prowess, has teamed up with Richard Madden to create waves with their web series ‘Citadel’ on the OTT platform. However, reports have emerged that Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Prime Video, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the show’s creators and demanded a staggering settlement of ?2,000 crores. Jassy has raised questions about the exorbitant budget and wants to know where all the money was spent.

Dissatisfaction with ‘Citadel’s’ Performance in the United States and India

Despite making headlines, ‘Citadel’ has failed to leave a significant impact both in the United States and India, leading to the CEO of Amazon Prime Video expressing his displeasure. Jassy is reportedly unsatisfied with the show’s performance, prompting him to inquire about the disappointing results despite the substantial investment.

Questioning the Massive Investment in ‘Citadel’

Although Priyanka Chopra’s English web series ‘Citadel’ managed to secure a spot in the top 10 series on Nielsen ratings in the United States, the reviews have been underwhelming. As a result, Jassy has demanded explanations from the show’s creators regarding the lackluster outcome, considering the massive financial commitment.

CEO’s Criticism and Demands for Explanations

Jassy’s criticism has not spared the makers of ‘Citadel,’ as reports suggest that Amazon Prime Video holds significant influence and the power to effect substantial changes. The CEO’s questioning extends beyond ‘Citadel’ and encompasses other projects as well. He wants to understand the reasons behind the absence of success despite such colossal investments.

The Costly Production and Limited Episodes of ‘Citadel’

With each episode of ‘Citadel’ costing $20 million, Priyanka Chopra made a trip from the United States to India for promotional activities. However, the series failed to receive the desired response. Allegations have surfaced that ‘Citadel’ was created by Amazon with a primary focus on business rather than artistic creativity. Despite initially planning for eight episodes, only six were eventually aired.

Lack of Resonance with the American Audience

Unfortunately, ‘Citadel’ did not resonate with the American audience. Odeta Watkins, Head of Drama Series at Amazon Prime Video, acknowledged that the series failed to captivate viewers in the United States, with many finding it unengaging. Nevertheless, Watkins believed that ‘Citadel’ was intended for not just Hollywood but also the global audience.

The High-Stakes Showdown and its Implications

In this high-stakes showdown, the clash between Amazon’s CEO and Priyanka Chopra on Citadel’s OTT platform has become a topic of intense interest. The outcome of this confrontation may have significant implications for both the entertainment industry and the future of streaming services.

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