Today, people cannot imagine their lives without a computer. We have become so accustomed to smart devices such as computers, mobiles and laptops that we spend most of our time on these. A lot of our tasks are carried out on the computer and life can get extremely tough if we do not get access to it even for a single day. While computers offer several advantages such as storing data, carrying our computations with ease, speeding up the work process, communicating and sharing data, enhanced networking and knowledge sharing it also comes with its set of drawbacks. There are many disadvantages of installing computers that cannot be ignored.

Drawbacks of Computers

  • Security Issues/ Cyber Crime

Earlier the data of organizations was safe with them. It was kept in the office or at a place where only the trusted employees could have access to it. However, all the important data of the organizations is now stored in the computer where anyone can access it with little effort. Even when employed for personal use at home, one stands at a risk of leaking any personal information stored in the computer.

With the introduction of internet the cases of security breach have gone higher. This has given way to a lot of crime. Cyber crime has become a big issue these days.

  • Health Hazards

With the installation of computers at work places everything is available right on the computer screen. People spend hours sitting in front of the computers in the same posture and this leads to a lot of health issues including obesity, backache and spondylitis.

Similarly, with the installation of computers at homes, people now spend most of the time in front of the computer playing games, watching programs and surfing internet. Kids have especially been affected by it as their physical activities have reduced and lack of it is leading to various health issues.

  • Expense Involved

Purchasing, installing and using computer involves a good amount of expense. Whether using at office, departmental store, home or anywhere, this is a costly affair compared to the earlier modes of carrying out tasks and seeking entertainment. The cost of repair and maintenance of these machines can also be big. Besides, they need to be upgraded every now and then with the advancement in technology. This also requires investing time, effort and money.


Thus, computers also have their set of advantages and disadvantages just as everything else in this world. It is on us as to how we use it.

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